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CVS Bulletin

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CVS Bulletin

Bulletin of the Copyright Violation Squad. The issues surrounding intellectual property (IP) were always an important part of the discussion in PhotoStatic (and related titles) from the very beginning. Working with photocopy machines, after all, immediately brings to mind this very issue. In addition, other duplicative technologies offered the salient possibility of using previously ‘finished’ work as the starting point for one’s own. These included the cassette tape recorder, the video cassette recorder, and the personal computer, all of which figure prominently in these publications. The CVS Bulletin was created to focus more closely on IP and serve as a place to report on the various ways cultural workers were testing the limits of copyright law in their creative endeavors.

A second dispatch of the CVS Bulletin was in preparation by 1994; it never appeared.

A site has been set up to provide information about the activities of the CVS. It is still being updated as events warrant. The URL follows.

( cvs.detritus.net )


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Brian Goldberg

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Greg Ginn

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