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Networker Congress Statements 1992

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Networker Congress Statements 1992

This booklet is composed of networking statements received by the Aggressive School of Cultural Workers, Iowa Chapter (ASCW-IA) generated in response to the Decentralized World-Wide Networker Congress 1992. Intended to open up debate and to provide a vehicle for Congress discussions, these edited statements should not be viewed as a comprehensive overview of networking in the 1990s, rather as a glimpse of the different approaches and philosopies that networkers held at this time.

This pamphlet was intended as a networking tool, and its editors encouraged further duplication and dissemination.


Printed on a Xerox 9500.

Edited by Stephen Perkins and Lloyd Dunn.

Print run: 720.

PDF upload: 2002-07-15.


Gianni Broi

Giuseppe Iannicelli

Clemente Padín

Crackerjack Kid

Anna Couey

Byron Grush

Harald Ziegler

Robert Morgan

Eric Finlay

David Cole

Pamona Valero

John Held, Jr.

Warren Burt

Ever Arts

Eliot Cantsin

Reed Altemus

Lawrence Upton

Stephen Perkins

Gérard Barbot

Harry Musgrave

Lillian Ward

ThB nett/C.E.W.A.F.S

Franz Müller

Harry Polkinhorn

Lloyd Dunn

Mit Mitropoulous

Peter Kustermann

Kristof D’Haeseleer

Mark Corroto

Rora and Dobrica Kamperelic

Piermario Ciani

César Figueiredo

Bill Ray

Keith Bates

Rev. Bill Whorrall

Carlo Pittore

Julee Peezlee

Jim Klingbeil

Guy Bleus

Bruno Chiarlone

Vittore Baroni

Daniel Daligand

Ruggiero Maggi

Luc Fierens

Maxie Snell

Rev. Paul Alchemist

Andrej Tisma

Graciela Marx

Keith De Mendonca

Bob Gale

Marco Dimas Gubitoso

Wayne Draznin

Albert Comus

Carl Loeffler

Hans Braumüller

Warren Ong