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PhonoStatic Cassette 1

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PhonoStatic 1

PhonoStatic 1

This, our first audio cassette compilation, arose from a growing awareness that our choice of photocopy as a medium could be taken much further, based on our supposition that any and all machines that could be used for duplicating and distributing information (on any scale) could be used for culture, as well. Nearly everyone had access to an audio cassette recorder in those days, making it without question even more accessible than the photocopy machine. Connect two cassette recorders together, and you had a publishing system. In short, a cultural opportunity arose before us, and we acted on our impulse collect and disseminate sound works.

This tentative foray into cassette culture would eventually lead us to spin off “Static” in too many directions, really: There was a HyperStatic Database in the late eighties, followed swiftly by a VideoStatic compilation of video art pieces (edited by John Heck), and the regularly syndicated weekly RadioStatic broadcasts (in which each of the Tape-beatles took turns as hosts). Of these, only the PhonoStatic Cassette series had anything like the sustained output of PhotoStatic Magazine, as this online archive attests.

The guest editor for this issue was Paul Neff (alias Smut Monkey).


Duplication run: 35.

PDF and Mp3 upload: 2006-03-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 6'

Contributors and Tracks

The tracks are Mp3s and hosted on the UBUWEB archive.

# author title time size
000a Paul Neff, ed. Editor’s Spoken Introduction 0:39 772kb
001 The “All Steel” Space Weenies Brainwash 5:48 6.6Mb
002 Twa Dogs in Paris Sleeping 4:26 5.1Mb
003 Ll. Dunn Play 1 1:01 1.2Mb
004 John Heck Rock ’n’ Roll 3:05 3.5Mb
005 Steve Harp Violinist Michael Raven with the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra conducted by Felix Slavkin 10:46 12.3Mb
006 Simon Peeks Buddy Holly Spin Improv 0:59 1.1Mb
006a [ed.] Spoken Outro 0:08 176kb
007 Theolonius Mike and his Madcap Morons Howdy 5:18 6.1Mb
008 Secret Luncheon Meat Police Rackgobbler Frogjiblets 5:25 6.2Mb
009 Ralph Johnson Richard’s Mother 7:45 8.9Mb
010 9digit Zip Yes, John, We Have Better Things to Do With Our Hands 2:50 3.2Mb
011 9digit Zip Recent Piece 1:45 2Mb
012 Smut Monkey Swoop 2:01 2.4Mb
012a [ed.] Editor’s Spoken Outro 0:38 748kb