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PhotoStatic 1

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Some Possibilities

With a certain youthful optimism, we named the first issue of the PhotoStatic series “Some Possibilities” and, with the help of some friends, set out to present some of the possibilities of the medium of photocopy, which we were then only beginning to explore. With this is mind, the reader/viewer might better appreciate the up and down quality and interest of these pieces as simply experiments and enthusiastic attempts to manipulate a new (to us) visual language. (The same can be said for the next several issues as well, as it is evident that we were able to find our editorial footing only very gradually, through much trial, error and criticism, both internal and external.)


Printed on a Xerox 9500 xerographic duplicator.

Print run: 89

PDF upload: 2006-09-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 1

Various minor typesetting and layout improvements.

Two additional works added.


Ll. Dunn

Warren Ong


Matt Hall

S. Davies

Elizabeth Was

Miekal And

Paul Neff