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Listeners Fatigue Cassette

Listener’s Fatigue

Listener’s fatigue is an audiophile concept relating to the relative merits of a given sound reproduction system. The idea is that the ear wearies of listening sooner on a poorly performing system than it does on a high-quality one. We chose it as the title of this compilation for unknown reasons; perhaps it had something to do with our being tired of hearing what most people were listening to. And this, perhaps, was our remedy.

All speculation aside, the present collection seems a cohesive listening experience, in spite of the variety of the works included. This ranges from the spoken word (Kathleen Yearwood) to quasi-pop (Batang Frisco) to free-from improvisation (Qwa Digs Never Parish) to cut-up (Simon Peeks) to audio collage (9digit Zip), to name just a few of the genres represented.


Duplication run: 67.

PDF and Mp3 upload: 2004-10-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 19'

Contributors and Tracks

The tracks are Mp3s and hosted on the UBUWEB archive.

# author title time
037 Didier Moulinier [“sic”] 1:53
038 Simon Peeks Achievement Rap 2:53
039 Qwa Digs Never Parish Unbell Radio 2:54
040 Batang Frisco Power 3:58
041 9digit Zip I can show you the way out 1:02
042 Kathleed Yearwood In Much (Wisdom) is Much Grief 4:40
043 Zen Sutherland No Script 0:30
044 Michael Winkler from Word Works (part 1) 4:11
045 9digit Zip (untitled) 1:41
046 Zen Sutherland The Scalp of Christ 0:53
047 Qwa Digs Never Paris Flippa Ut 4:19
048 Zen Sutherland Signs off 2:20