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PhotoStatic 24

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About the same time internal word capitalization became noticeable in popular culture, we came out with this issue. Not coincidentally, this issue also sports one of our early computer-created graphic efforts; nothing much to look at, really, especially these days. Nonetheless, it resonates with the title theme, if a bit obliquely.

On the other hand, inside, there are some truly striking images to be found. Mike Miskowski and Bruno Richard turn in some remarkable drawings, while Steve Perkins and John Rininger each submit collages done to their unique tastes. As you can see below, the list of contributors is longer than that, so understand that these names were singled out arbitrarily. Also included are some student works from a special xerox project I assigned to my Creative Photography students.


Printed on a Xerox 9500 xerographic duplicator.

Final issue of Volume IV of the PhotoStatic series.

Print run: 150.

PDF upload: 2004-04-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 24

Various minor typesetting and layout improvements.

Underprinted graphics from four pages of print edition are here presented unobscured by overprinted material.


Ll. Dunn

Francis Dedobbeleer

Epistolary Stud Farm

Steve Perkins

Pamela Moye

Chris Mitchell

Gregory Cullen

Bob Grumman

Mike Miskowski

Mouche Ecrassé

Bruno Richard

Stefan Knorr


Janet Janet

John Rininger

Serse Luigetti

Bob Gregory

Eric Cook

The Tape-beatles

Paulus P. Scholten

John Heck