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PhotoStatic 28

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Test Patterns for the Human Mind

The current issue was a momentous one in our history. It marked a decisive shift, away from individual works generally displayed one per page, toward attempts at more graphically complex layouts and a greater than ever before dependance on text for content.

The issue takes the unusual, if not unprecedented, form of two magazines in one — marking, at the same time, the début of a new “submagazine” called Retrofuturism, occupying the bottom inch-and-a-fraction of each and every page. (Originally, the plan was to have the new ’zine gradually replace the old one, while at the same time doing a cinematic-like ‘wipe’ up the page over a year’s worth of issues — this was abandoned when the challenge to make useful page layouts grew too difficult.)

Memorable works from this issue (the Tape-beatles’ page-bottoms notwithstanding), include a series of images and texts by Steve Harp entitled “Photographs within Photographs”; the short but richly ironic “The Magritte Flashcard” by R.K. Courtney; a splayed booklet by A1 Waste Paper Co. Ltd. called “U-Make it (no talent)”, which is a satire on the Tuyau daily ’zines appearing at the time; and all of this amply filled out by other, often equally interesting works, as well as the reviews, news, and opinions, as is par for this particular course.


First issue to contain Retrofuturism as a sub-magazine.

Printed on a Xerox 9500 xerographic duplicator.

Print run: 235.

PDF upload: 2003-12-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 28

Various minor typesetting and layout improvements.

Color image added to back cover.

Front cover has been altered slightly, incorporating additional relevant material.


Ll. Dunn

T. Hibbard

Piotr Szyhalski

Jack Moskovitz

Bob Gregory

Joseph Keppler

Gregory Cullen

Steve Harp

A.1. Waste Paper Co.

Greg Zimmer

Thomas Wiloch

Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr.

R. K. Courtney

Mike Miskowski

John Stickney


Steve Perkins

Chris Winkler


Thad Metz

The Tape-beatles