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PhotoStatic 39

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To mark the end of the current phase of PhotoStatic Magazine, a triple issue was released. It included the largely visual No. 39, the mostly text No. 40, and the newly independent Retrofuturism 12, which itself included the supplemental Yawn 8, marking the beginning of the Art Strike 1990-1993.


Partially printed on a Multigraphics offset press (electrostatic plates). Some of the images did not reproduce well from the paper plates, and so these images were overprinted onto the press sheets xerographically using a Xerox 9500.

Covers were photocopied in various colors of toner onto sections of large-display advertising press sheets by Mark Pawson. Each cover was unique.

Print run: 378.

PDF upload: 2002-10-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 39

An effect similar to the advertising press sheets has been created digitally for the electronic version.

Graphic by François Duvivier is run complete, instead of in sections. Two addtional unpublished graphics by Joel Score are also included.


Mark Pawson


Bill DiMichele

Serse Luigetti

Joe Schwind

Joel Score

Ralf Schulze

Margent Common Wheel

John F Kelly


Roy R Behrens

Jeff Plansker

Dominique LeBlanc

John Stickney


Thomas Hibbard

Jean-François Robic

Joel Lipman

Françoise Duvivier

Pandora’s Mailbox

Philippe Billé