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Retrofuturism 12

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Retrofuturism, Independently

For the first time, Retrofuturism appears as its own issue, outside of the pages of PhotoStatic (up until this time, it had appeared only as a sort of extended conceptual thread in the pages of its parent publication).

The main feature of this number is an extended interview by Norm Ingma with Plunderphonic composer John Oswald. In addition, Brad Goins and Neil K. Henderson offer up installments of the columms they had already begun the in the pages of PhotoStatic.


Printed on a Multigraphics offset press (electrostatic plates).

First issue of Retrofuturism to appear independent of PhotoStatic.

Part of a Triple Issue, along with nos. 39 and 40.

Print run: 385.

PDF upload: 2002-10-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 41

Minor layout and typographic adjustments.

Addition of unpublished installments of “Culture Libel”.


Ll. Dunn

The Tape-beatles

Norm Ingma

Brad Goins

Neil K. Henderson