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PhonoStatic Cassette 7

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Audio Anxiety Cassette

Audio Anxiety

As happened in several of the Phonostatic cassette compilations, the phonic theme takes its cue from an earlier visual one; namely, PhotoStatic no. 22, “DisEase Disease,” which explored similar psychic and conceptual territory. In this instance, whether directly submitted in response to the pre-announced theme or not, the resonance with it is inescapable throughout playback of this collection of pieces.

The present collection treats us to, among other things, an early two-track cut-up experiment by The Tape-beatles that brazenly rips off the Benny Goodman Orchestra; a snotty commentary about the then-current state of art by Weather Nouveau; representative pieces from the voluminous and adventuresome cassette deck stylings of X.Y. Zedd; and spooky soundbed meets headbending philosophy by Bob Gregory and Jason Gibbs. Cellist and electronic musician Fredrick Lonberg-Holm contributes the excellent “Bits”, and along with all this is the consummate noise-art by such familiar names as Big City Orchestra, tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, and The Haters; among others.


Duplication run: 93.

PDF and Mp3 upload: 2004-02-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 26'

Contributors and Tracks

The tracks are Mp3s and hosted on the UBUWEB archive.

# author title time
060 Bob Gregory and Jason Gibbs Wittgenstein on Pain 7:02
061 Weather Nouveau They Call it Art 3:36
062 The Tape-beatles Sing Sing Sing 2:53
063 Fredrick Lonberg-Holm Bits 5:49
064 X.Y. Zedd Absolute Zero 3:10
065 French Lesson :58
066 The Tape-beatles Listen to the Radio 5:00
067 The Haters from “Destroyed Music 4:38
It’s Not As Easy As You Might Think To Be
A Pseudo-Virtuoso (#2)
069 Big City Orchestra from “Headache 4:08
070 John E untitled 1:49