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Concatenations Cassette


Audio art can exist in at least two basic manifestations: the concatenation and the simultaneity. Where the latter puts emphasis on sounds and their interactions together at the same time, the former defines a technique of lining up sounds in time, single file, with transitions, stops and starts, shifting rhythms, and unpredictable “melodies” forming the main interest of the piece.

Simultaneities require some sort of mixing setup, but concatenations can be performed on any sound source with something as simple as a pause button. This present compilation requested submissions which were composed of nothing but concatenations. It is fair to say that the artists who submitted achieved varying levels of concord with this request.

Three early works by The Tape-beatles are perhaps most faithful to the concept, which should not be surprising, considering who put together the comp. Works by Bob Gregory and Jason Gibbs recall childhood memories in a haunting and evocative sound construction. Many more excellent tracks accompany these, and the sequence of tracks is arranged for maximum listenability.


Duplication run: 103.

PDF and Mp3 upload: 2003-09-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 30'

Contributors and Tracks

The tracks are Mp3s and hosted on the UBUWEB archive.

# author title time
071 No Idea Still Horny 1:14
072 Bob Gregory and Jason Gibbs Cardboard sky 2:55
073 Smut :44
074 Harry Polkinhorn O.K. 5:20
075 X.Y. Zedd This Mind is Not Buddha 1:42
076 Face in the Crowd My Mirror Aches 4:42
077 Catching the Whirlwind      6:03
078 No Idea Blue Traffic 1:16
079 MoriArty 093026 8:55
080 The Tape-beatles Recognize, Resist 1:41
081 So There :07
082 The Salt 1:36
083 Fredrick Lonberg-Holm What We Do 6:08
084 Bob Gregory and Jason Gibbs Last of the Druids      5:22