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Existentialism and the Illusion of Choice

The theme was probably chosen after reading Albert Camus’ L’Étranger for a French class, and deciding that at least the familiarity of the idea of existentialism would give most of my contributors a steady toehold upon which to improvise with their fruitful minds. In our view, they did not disappoint. Also, this issue was assembled in the middle of a period when our strongest and most reliable contributors were participating in the project, and many fragments seem part of continua of fragments found in previous and future issues. (The numbering at the end of each of the regular columns alludes to this.)

In addition to the graphics on the front and back cover, regular contributor Thomas Wiloch also offers up another installment of his “Codes and Chaos” column. A significant graphic series, which appears at the start of the issue, is the work of P. Petrisko, Jr, and frequent contributor Guy R. Beining also contributes a series of eight collages in his inimitable style. Christopher Erin, whose work in these pages is generally visual, here contributes the text “Dada: Suicide as an Art Form.” Another Important text, “Censorship: The Oldest of Suppressed Traditions” is penned by John Berndt.

Add to that the usual assortment of columns, their attendant graphics, reviews and listings, and this number appears, in retrospect, as one of the more classically proportioned numbers in the series.


Printed on a Multigraphics offset press.

Print run: 339.

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Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 32

Various typesetting and layout improvements.


Thomas Wiloch

Tom Hibbard

Alessandro Aiello

P. Petrisko, Jr

Eric Gunnar Rochow

Guy R Beining

Thad Metz

Hilare Moderne

Karen Eliot [John Berndt]

The Tape-beatles

Uta-Maria Krapf

Thom Metzger

John Stickney


Janet Janet

Arturo Guiseppe Fallico

Jürgen O Olbrich

Lang Thompson

Bob Grumman

Christopher Erin

Tim Coats

Geof Huth

Mark Rose