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PhotoStatic 31

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One of our most popular issues, and certainly one of our best reads, the current number comprises an exposition on the arresting notion of plagiarism as a positive artistic technique, especially as inspired by the Neoists and Stewart Home. Amid the memory of such witticisms as “Plagiarism saves time,” we find, in the outer margins of each page, a series of essays, each exploring an individual’s opinion or vision about plagiarism as an impetus and subject for creative works.

The handwritten text used for a cover image typifies the mental puzzling and gamesmanship in which many in our then-circle of participants engaged. Written by Christopher Erin, it takes no prisoners and leaves not a subatomic particle untouched in its amusing over-reach. Not to be outdone, the Tape-beatles took the opportunity of this issue to unveil their new registered trademark — on the world “Plagiarism®” itself.

Significant texts by such deep thinkers as Harry Polkinhorn and Ralph Johnson (among many others) fill the inch-wide margins with texts. Similarly important graphic works for the main space of the pages are provided by the likes of John Stickney, Steven Perkins, and others.


Printed on a Xerox 9500 xerographic duplicator.

Cover of the print editon was printed on a pseudo-parchment paper stock.

Initial issue of Volume VI of the PhotoStatic series.

Print run: 280.

PDF upload: 2003-08-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 31

Various typesetting and layout improvements.

Printed version had “by the Tape-beatles” rubber stamped in red on the cover.


Ll. Dunn

Anatoly Zyyxx

A.1 Waste Paper Co.

John Stickney

Harry Polkinhorn

Ge[of Huth]

Thad Metz

The Tape-beatles

John Eberly

Alessandro Aiello

Christopher Erin

Arturo Giuseppe Fallico

Janet Janet

Thom Metzger

Mark Rose

Lang Thompson

Ralph Johnson

Steve Perkins

Bob Grumman


Linda Leidiger