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PhotoStatic 36

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This heavily graphic issue is, typically, built around multiple parallel series of visual works, an array of conceptual threads woven together. Further, the issue has several featured series, one being a sequence of xerographic collages with text entitled “Things” by Stephen-Paul Martin; another, a one-per-page list of Jenny Holzer-inspired slogans by Luke McGuff running under the issue, appearing in each and every footer.

Other remarkable graphic works are supplied by John Stickney, whose work has been coming into its own in recent issues (retrospectively speaking), and painter John Rininger, always able, it seems, of offering something of note; and David Tiffen’s pair of images, seeming vaguely Situationist-inspired to today’s eyes.

Pandora’s Mailbox also supplies a series of works, a small booklet run in unabridged sequence and offered up among the other works on these pages. Italian artist Serse Luigetti continues offering his rectilinear “stamp collection”-like pages of themed graphics, and mailartist Dazar also delivers a pithy series of small graphics, seen here for the first time in their original colors.

Writers share the page space, with significant offerings by Eric Harold Belgum, Brad Goins, Mark Rose, Bob Grumman, and the panoply of PhotoStatic columnists, that include Miekal And, Thomas Wiloch, and many others. In typical fashion, print reviews, audio cassette reviews, listings and announcements fill out the issue and undertake a vital cultural service.


Printed on a Multigraphics offset press (electrostatic plates).

Printed in two colors, black and red.

Final issue of Volume VI of the PhotoStatic series.

Print run: 382.

PDF upload: 2003-01-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 36

Various typesetting and layout improvements.

Work by Dazar run in color, as submitted by the artist.


Scott Dohring

Ll. Dunn

Luke McGuff

Tom Hibbard

Pandora’s Mailbox

John Stickney

Geof Huth

Mark Pawson

Pascal Uni

Serse Luigetti

David Tiffen

Thomas Wiloch

John Kelly

Eric Belgum

Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr.

Gareth Branwyn

Christopher Erin

Stephen-Paul Martin

Crag Hill


Miekal And

Mark Rose

Brad Goins

Paul Weinman

Tim Coats

Bob Grumman

John Rininger

Arturo Giuseppe Fallico

Eric Heilmann

Thom Metzger

The Tape-beatles