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PhonoStatic Cassette 10

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Audio Collage Cassette

Audio Collage

This issue comprises one of a regular series of audio cassettes with the similar name PhonoStatic, forming an integral, though sidestream, component of the PhotoStatic project.

The current issue, as the booklet notes point out, is a bit of a departure from the previous releases in the series (which you’ve yet to hear!) in that silent pauses between the tracks are not used as a convention to separate the work of one artist from the next. The editor chose instead to undertake an “editorial improvisation” with the source material at hand, and make from it an audio collage, as the title of the tape indicates.

Audio Collage features works by previous PhonoStatic contributors, including Tim Risher (appearing here in the ensemble Paragaté), the then-fledgling Tape-beatles (who weigh in with a track from the submerged release Steal this Lick), the prolific, and decidedly low-tech, X.Y. Zedd (a.k.a. Scott Paul Elledge), saxophreak Barry Edgar Pilcher (excerpts from his long-form “Mail Art Love Express” appearing dispersed throughout), and the mysterious 9digit Zip.

Visual and verbal artist contributors, doubling here as audio artist contributors, include Wisconsin’s Floating Concrete Orchestra (Miekal And, Liz Was, and others), John Kennedy a.k.a. Berndt, word artist Jake Berry, and the Scraptacular Chris Winkler.

Significant contributions are also made by the Mystery Tape Laboratories of Toronto, the Bordelais group Ensemble Vide, the Post-Void Radio Theatre from Minneapolis, and others, creating an international line up of audio artists working in extremely varied ways. Nonetheless, the collection forms a very listenable and cohesive whole.


Option 29, November 1989


Duplication run: 164.

PDF and Mp3 upload: 2003-02-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 36'

X.Y. Zedd composite track split into two tracks

Contributors and Tracks

The tracks are Mp3s and hosted on the UBUWEB archive.

# author title time
099 Barry Edgar Pilcher from “Mail Art Love Express :58
100 The Haters from “Destroyed Music :54
101 Son of Spam Happy Collapse 2:24
102 Paragaté Not to be Confused With the Real Thing :40
103 Bill Shores Jason Revs Up (from “Our Television World”) 2:24
104 X. Y. Zedd Kisssme (from “BigNoise89”) 3:03
105 X. Y. Zedd Hans Arp (from “BigNoise89”) 3:41
106 John Kennedy Cavern 2:43
107 Barry Edgar Pilcher from “Mail Art Love Express :42
108 Mechanical Sterility Tom Didn’t Get the Right Gift 1:06
109 The Tape-beatles /o/ for Frog (from “Steal This Lick”) 1:36
110 Mystery Labs from “GX 1:24
111 José Vanden Broucke from “Another Midnight Temple Music 2:27
112 The Haters from “Destroyed Music” 1:02
113 L’Abbé Martine Arbiste Centour 1:23
114 Chris Winkler What the Bible Says About Drugs 2:14
115 found Headache (through effects box) 1:18
116 John Kennedy Trope 2:34
117 Barry Edgar Pilcher from “Mail Art Love Express :24
118 Floating Concrete Orchestra from “Polynoise 1:55
119 The Post-Void Radio Theater Miracle in Palookaville 1:11
120 Bill McMahon Natural Pauses :09
121 L’Abbé Martine Arbiste Kao-Sh-Out 4:27
122 Mystery Labs from “GX 1:38
123 9digit Zip Concrète (Fragment) 1:30
124 Ensemble Vide La Machine 1:55
125 Jake Berry Swamp Chant 2:46