The Expatriot : No. 4

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Expatriot No. 4

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April 1995

Questions, and Dim Answers   What happens to a person’s mind when he comes to a city he barely knows, with the expectation of remaining there for a somewhat lengthy time, among people who do not speak his native tongue as a first language, and who share only the deep features of an ancient meta-culture and the superficial features of post-industrial society? Of what sort and to what depth can bonds be formed between people who were born into perspectives on the world whose points of origin are separated by an ocean? And how effectively can sensitivity and careful observation overcome the limitations imposed by lack of subtle knowledge about an environment in which one is just a visitor? These are some of the questions I have confronted in these last few months, and I have barely yet begun to apply features to the dim sketch of an answer. ...

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Printed in an edition of 100 on a 300 d.p.i. PostScript laser printer; reprinted as needed in smaller editions.