The Expatriot : No. 3

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Expatriot No. 1

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March 1995: Suicide Special

As some of you will recall, I published a brief account of the suicide of Guy Debord and what the man meant to me in the last issue of The Expatriot. ... In the intervening weeks since that issue appeared, some interesting new facts have come to light, as well as some bizarre and irreconcilable coincidences. These occurrences, as well as my thinking about them, are part of the everyday situation I experience, and I have puzzled over their possible meaning for many hours. Because this is a journal of my experiences here, and this puzzling forms an important part of that, I have decided to share with my readers some of the information that I have gathered concerning the deaths of Guy Debord and Ray Johnson. This information has all been sent to me by readers. To them, I extend my gratitude. ...

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