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PhotoStatic 11

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The Hum of Modern Civilization in Action

Suggested casually one day by friend and collaborator Paul Neff, the theme for this issue was adopted to allude to our growing awareness that we were part of a community that used machines, as opposed to tools, to make art (a machine being thought of as a complex tool). The relationship to art and the machine, and of art’s ever shifting role in culture, had already become one of the facets of the modern world we were exploring in this publication.

In any event, the current title displays Arturo Giuseppe Fallico’s striking and idiosyncratic graphics for the cover. In addition to many names that will be familiar to followers of this project, a number of artists from South America are included; by name, Paulo Bruscky (Brazil), and Clemente Padín and Ruben M. Tani (Uruguay).


Printed on a Xerox 9500 xerographic duplicator.

Print run: 78.

PDF upload: 2005-09-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 11

Various minor typesetting and layout improvements.


Theme suggested by Paul Neff

Arturo Giuseppe Fallico

Ll. Dunn

Paulo Bruscky

Serse Luigetti

Guy R Beining

Teresinka Pereira

Carol Stetser

Steve Perkins

Jon McKenzie

Epistolary Stud Farm (J. Pyros)

Steve Harp

Vittore Baroni

Ruben M. Tani

Clemente Padín

Joel Lipman