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PhotoStatic 12

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The Psychoanalysis Issue

Frequent contributor and loyal supporter Steve Harp suggested the theme for this issue, and f. c. and l. s. Miekal And did graphics for the cover.

Harp also contributes a pair of collages that occupy full spreads at the opening of the issue. Other significant pagination is given over to graphics by the editor (i.e., yours truly), and also to a text by one Jon McKenzie, about whom little is known. (His work was first brought to our attention by then Iowa-Citian Bonnie Sparling, an early contributor.)

Single page contributions are provided by other loyal supporters, including Steve Perkins, Joel Lipman, Minóy, and others, making up a collection of works that very loosely (if at all) follow the stated theme. (Not that the stated theme ever mattered so much in these pages; we always ran with whatever good work was available to us at any given time.)


Printed on a Xerox 9500 xerographic duplicator.

Last issue of Volume II of the PhotoStatic series.

Print run: 72.

PDF upload: 2005-08-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 12

Various minor typesetting and layout improvements.


Theme suggested by Steve Harp

Miekal And


Steve Perkins

Steve Harp

Joel Lipman

Ll. Dunn

Jon McKenzie

Carol Stetser

S. Davies

Warren Ong