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Concurrencies Cassette


Forming a matched set with its predecessor, the Concurrencies cassette compilation proposal asked for works that especially emphasized layered sound, multiple tracks working together simultaneously in time. Of course, such a broadly defined scope of interest could include a rather large fraction of all recorded works. In our defense, we can only say that the notion of using “themes” in constructing our releases had, by this time grown tiresome. Most of the submissions did not follow any kind of theme anyway; even so, it was always possible to make something unified out of the submissions at hand.

The present title is no exception. The PhonoStatic regulars are all present; X.Y. Zedd springs forth with three pieces; The Tape-beatles offer up two. (In the interest of full disclosure, this writer is and was then a member of that group.) Son of Spam comes forth with a memorable opening track, and Semantics Could Vanish appear in the guise of yet another slightly altered project name (beginning much earlier in the decade as “Two Dogs in Paris”).

Plucked directly from the international mail stream are works, too, by a handful of mail artists; these include Malok, I.M.I. (or Pascal Uni), and MoriArty (whose 14-minute opus is the longest segment on the comp). Audio works by veteran zinesters, Petrisko, Miskowski, and Winkler, members of a triumvirate based in Arizona’s urban centers, each offer up one of their audiotape musings.


Duplication run: 136.

PDF and Mp3 upload: 2003-05-01.


Photostatic Magazine Retrograde Archive no. 33'

Contributors and Tracks

The tracks are Mp3s and hosted on the UBUWEB archive.

# author title time
085 Son of Spam from “No Other Radio Network 2:06
086 The Tape-beatles from “Desire 4:46
087 X.Y. Zedd from “Boing Boom :31
088 from “Kick the Chandelier :54
089 from “Communication 1:49
090 P. Petrisko, Jr. from “Lampshade 5:54
091 Semantics Could Vanish from “Children of the Bushwack 4:46
092 Malok from “by Malok 2:30
093 Mike Miskowski and Dave Williams from “Hey, Moe :39
094 X.Y. Zedd from “Listen, Please 1:36
095 I.M.I. from “by I.M.I. 5:06
096 MoriArty from “Ithaca Music 13:43
097 Chris Winkler from “by Chris Winkler 1:53
098 The Tape-beatles from “From The Tide or The Wind 1:39